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2020 testimonials

I like the fact that no one is rude or makes me feel like I don’t matter. The staff and doctors are ALWAYS very informative and helpful. I never feel rushed or that any of my concerns are not valid.

– Roberta A. King

Dr. Page is caring, thoughtful, thorough, and knowledgeable. I do not feel at all rushed here, she takes the time to listen carefully. The front-office staff is professional and friendly, and the office hours accommodate different schedules. I am so glad that I found this practice and Dr. Page!

– T.J.

The experience was very good. I felt like I was important to the staff.

– Jan K.

Very efficient, friendly staff. Everyone is great about communication.

– Carolyn C.

I like both Jodie and Yamazaki, they’re both great to work with. The staff is also great.

– Bill Eckler

I love that you are always on time! Not a lot of waiting and when seen, its all about me!! Timely, professional and caring!

– Sue K.

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Kristyn is both thorough and personable, and has been my healthcare champion for years.

– Bill O’C.

Kristyn Everett is thoughtful and thorough. She listens well and cares. All employees integrate well to create a smooth and comfortable experience.

– Sheryl

Dr. Page went over history information with me, asking questions and providing information about the different health issues that I have. She was able to provide a script for medication and referred me to another doctor that specializes in the health issues I have. I appreciated her concern over my health issues. She took an appropriate amount of time with me.

– A patient

I have been a patient with Kristyn Everett for at least 15 years. Although her staff has changed over the years, the lab techs, front desk people, and her nurses have all shown compassion and professionalism. Even though I no longer live in the Castle Rock area, I am willing to drive the 30 minutes to see Kristyn and her staff.

– A patient

Excellent service, follow up and knowledge. I have been going to HealthFit forever and take my whole family there. The Drs here really care and are very knowledgeable. I recommend HealthFit for anyone looking for great Drs and a caring office. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

– Peter

I have been a patient of Kristyn for several years now. She is the BEST! She takes great care and concern for her patients. I trust in her care and guidance.

– Laurie 

I really like how Jill gets right to the heart of the issue. She is very thorough and I have great confidence in her care. She takes the time to review and explain the situation and how I am going to get better!

– Sue K. 

Kristyn has great “bedside manner,” and is friendly and thorough.

– Pam 


I feel like I’m always in good hands.

– Megan Bierley 

My experience with two HealthFit Family providers, Kristyn Everett, NP, and Corinne (who draws blood) has been OUTSTANDING. In fact, I followed Kristyn when she moved to HealthFit. She is the consummate provider:  professional, extremely knowledgable, personable, and has been a God send as I deal with some of the interesting “conditions” that come with aging! She is amazing!!!

Then, there is Corinne … the BEST phlebotomist family health has ever had! I am a “hard stick,” as they say. With her, I never dread having blood drawn!

Kudos to HealthFit for having these two amazing people on their staff!

– Donna

My husband and I were fortunate to find Centura Medical Group HealthFit Family Medicine online one year ago. All staff have been just exceptional. The office staff are very efficient and caring. We have always been able to get an appointment promptly.

Our HCPs are good listeners and attentive to our needs and concerns. The office is in a convenient location and close to facilities if further studies, i.e., x-ray, CT, etc., are needed. We have never experienced long waits in the waiting room, either. This is one of the few medical facilities we have been associated with that “have it all together.”

Keep doing what you are doing! And, thank you for your kindness and expertise.

– Deb

So glad to have Kristyn as my healthcare provider! She has been amazing and has gone above and beyond to meet my needs! After being very sick, I feel I owe it to her for getting me back to where I need to be healthwise, and am so thankful for her! I truly appreciate Kristyn’s detail to issues and doing what has needed to be done to provide excellent service! I would highly recommend Kristyn!

– Cynthia Mazzara

I have been a HealthFit Gym member since their initial opening in April 2017. My beloved physician, Dr. Drew Werner at Centura Medical Group HealthFit Family Medicine, suggested the reason I was feeling weak, lethargic and sore was attributable to not doing any strength training. That very day Dr. Werner walked me over from his office directly to HealthFit Gym where I met Alyssa.

I had never worked out with a trainer before and I am not one of those people who responds to hyper-enthusiastic or dictatorial instructors. Alyssa’s keen intellect, professional competence and compassionate personality immediately captivated me. Her kinesiology training and her kind demeanor have proven to be the ideal combination in motivating me to reach levels of strength, conditioning and physical confidence that I have never had prior in my 58 years.

The value of HealthFit Gym is its connection with Centura Medical Group HealthFit Family Medicine. Over the past 18 months, I have seen three providers at Centura Medical Group HealthFit Family Medicine that have coordinated my health plan with my workout regime with Alyssa. Alyssa’s knowledge of neurophysiology is a huge benefit in being able to keep my workouts appropriate with whatever I may have going on medically.

I also love HealthFit Gym because it is ideal for someone of my age, interest and capability. I am not there to socialize or look good or worry about not looking good. I am there for my proactive health improvement and, as I have achieved higher and higher levels of fitness and coordination, I have also formed meaningful relationships with the staff and other regular clients that have enhanced my overall wellbeing.

– J.M.

I have been under the care of Dr. Yamazaki for a couple of years to care for my knees and shoulders and the results have been remarkable. In fact, exceeding my greatest expectations. Before undergoing treatments with Dr. Yamazaki, I was experiencing great difficulty in walking. After undergoing physical therapy and injections in my knees, I am now happy to report that I am pain-free. Hopefully, the injection will give me relief for many months before I have to go through this series again.

– G.S. “Gib” Poiry

I absolutely love this practice! They take the time and address my concerns without making me feel rushed. More importantly, I switched my children to this office and they feel more comfortable here than they did with their previous doctor’s office. Our family has had some significant injuries that have lingered, and I am happy to say we are finally injury free. The staff and doctors have always been helpful and caring. Make the switch, you will be happy.

– P.R.

Dr. Page is an awesome doctor. She treats you like family. Not only that, but she gets to the bottom of the issue quickly. You will be taken care of with this 5-star doctor!!

– Anonymous

I can’t say enough about this facility – the staff is so professional and understanding. I have been in horrible pain for years and I lost confidence in the medical field. Then I learned about HealthFit and I went to see them. Wow, what a difference I had. They talked to me as a person, explained to me what the real problem was, and helped me understand what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. I’m now walking my dog daily, walking in heels that I love, and enjoying life again.

– J.S.

Fantastic staff, from the receptionist, lab technician, medical assistants, NPs, to the doctors themselves. I have been a patient since they opened in Castle Rock through their recent move to the Castle Rock Adventist Medical Campus. Not only are all the staff that I have come to rely on of the highest quality, but the facilities measure up to the best in the Denver Metro Area. Here, they perform diagnostics, treatments, and have the CRAH within a short walk for first-class advanced treatment, including x-rays, cat scans, and MRIs, all with state of the art technology. A premium feature of HealthFit is their fitness and wellness center with professional trainers to help you achieve your goal of staying healthy or even of helping you in elevating your goal of improving your health. I most strongly recommend HealthFit for all your medical needs in Castle Rock and the South Metro area.

– J.P.

I have had the best experience with the whole HealthFit team. Anytime I have called with a question or a concern, they are always willing to help in any way. If they don’t know the answer, they won’t stop until they have one. I would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

– D.K.

Five Stars to the doctors and team at Centura Medical Group HealthFit Family Medicine. The staff at the front desk are most likely the nicest, most helpful in the Castle Rock area. They made me feel like my issue was important to them. They “squeezed me in” and I expected to wait. I didn’t wait long though, and the nurse practitioner, Jill Hefti Breed, gave me her full attention and all the time I wanted. Many thanks, as I realize whatever time I took came from her own time somewhere throughout the day. I assure you HealthFit is the best we’ve ever had. So blessed they have arrived!!

– J.H.

Amazing, caring providers and staff. I would recommend everyone I know to this office!

– C.H.

The providers at HealthFit are second to none. I have received nothing but caring and professional service. I would recommend HealthFit to anyone. If you want a professional, competent medical provider that truly takes the time to address your personal health and underlying root of symptoms, go to HealthFit.

– U.S.

I am very impressed with this practice! I had only ever been to Kaiser, but when I had to switch to another office due to my insurance changing I found this one! Granted they are a doctor’s office, so I expected to be on hold for a while when calling to make an appointment. I only waited for two minutes before I got a live representative! When speaking to them, they had general concern about me and my health and offered a same day appointment with my provider. I was shocked; I used to have to wait days to get an appointment with Kaiser. I was so impressed with everything about the practice! Also, they have a connected gym with kinesiologists that are there to help with personal weight and exercise goals. I would recommend this practice to anyone who wants a practice that, in my opinion, really puts the patient first.

– B.O.

I have been a patient here for years and have gotten very comfortable with the amazing staff! The compassionate, understanding, and overall reassuring care I have always received is second to none! They have redefined the practice of medicine and I would recommend them to anybody who’s looking to combine nutrition diet exercise with exceptional knowledge and personal care.

– C.J.

Jill Hefti Breed is one of the best family care practitioners I know. She is brilliant, thoughtful, caring, decisive and very professional. She diagnosed and treated countless issues with my entire family. She cared for my whole family for many years in Naples, Florida and we wish she would return. Castle Rock is fortunate to have the services of Jill.

– K.

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