Medical Aesthetics

HealthFit’s medical aesthetics for renewal

Medical aesthetics encompasses various treatments that focus on the appearance of the skin, face and body. Medical aesthetic treatments at HealthFit Family Medicine are designed to help our patients feel and appear refreshed, restored and rejuvenated.

All treatments are performed by Dr. Werner and Dr. Page to ensure safe, professional results. Our practitioners utilize advanced medical techniques and technology to treat signs of aging, skin laxity, loss of facial volume, skin damage caused by sun exposure, and general skin concerns.

We offer free consultations for anyone interested in our medical aesthetic services. During the consultation, we will review treatment goals, treatment options, pricing and possible risks or side effects of the procedures.

We also encourage patients looking for a complete lifestyle transformation to make an appointment for a nutrition and wellness evaluation. Common concerns we help address include fatigue, weight loss and chronic medical concerns.

Restore your skin’s appearance with Botox priced at $11 per unit. Contact us at (303) 218-7774 to set up your free consultation.

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Botox injections

Botox works by blocking nerve signals that tell certain facial muscles to move or contract. Over time, these muscle movements result in lines, such as crow’s feet, smile lines, frown lines or forehead creases. Botox injections cause these lines to soften or disappear. People typically see results from Botox injections within 7 to 14 days of treatment, and these effects will last 3 to 4 months.

Getting Botox injections is a quick process that only takes a few minutes. Due to the small, fine needles we use to give the injections, the process is also relatively painless. The amount of Botox needed varies from person to person, depending on treatment goals and the number of areas to be addressed. Most of our patients see significant results with 40-50 units of Botox per treatment.

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Kybella double chin treatment

Kybella is a nonsurgical treatment to address chin fat, also called a double chin. Kybella is made of a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid, which helps the body break down and absorb fat. When injected into fat under the chin, it eliminates fat cells, thus removing excess fat and preventing fat accumulation in the future.

Kybella treatment plans can require up to 3 rounds of injections, with each treatment spaced about 1 month apart, depending on the amount of fat present under the chin. Results from a treatment plan are long-lasting, and don’t require any additional injections to maintain.

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Juvéderm Ultra & Ultra Plus facial fillers

Juvéderm facial fillers are made with a hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body and helps the skin and joints bind and retain water molecules. When it is injected under the skin, it acts as a facial filler. This means it plumps and adds volume to desired areas.

Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus are often used to smooth and fill in deep wrinkles, like those that can appear around the nose and mouth. One Juvéderm treatment typically lasts for up to one year.

People often find they need less Juvéderm in second and third treatments, because the hyaluronic acid works over time to gradually improve the skin’s elasticity and volume.

Before a Juvéderm injection, we can apply a topical anesthetic to lessen any discomfort. We recommend using between 1 and 3 syringes of product during each treatment, depending on the size of skin folds and wrinkles.

Volbella lip filler

Volbella is an injectable lip filler that increases the size and volume of lips. Similar to Juvéderm, Volbella is made of hyaluronic acid.

Lip fillers like Volbella can restore a loss of volume that often accompanies age, but they can also fill in naturally thin lips and fine lines around the mouth. Our goal is to keep lips natural appearing and not to overfill them.

Results from Volbella are visible for about 18 months after treatment. Before treatment, a topical anesthetic can be used to limit pain from the injections.

Voluma XC facial filler

In addition to causing wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, aging also contributes to a loss in volume, especially in the cheek and mid-face. Voluma XC is a type of hyularonic acid facial filler that replaces lost volume in the cheek area. It can also be used to lift, contour and define the cheekbones and jawline to impart a more youthful appearance.

Voluma XC treatments last up to two years and are given by injection.

How fillers restore & create youthful volume

Latisse eyelash growth serum

Latisse is a prescription lash serum approved by the Food and Drug Administration that enhances the length and thickness of eyelashes. Unlike a cosmetic product, such as mascara, Latisse actually causes eyelashes to grow in longer, fuller and darker within two months of using the product. To achieve these results, patients apply Latisse nightly by painting a small amount above their upper lash line with the application brush.

Results from Latisse are not permanent, and will gradually fade after stopping application. Latisse can be used to address thinning eyelashes, but can also be used to enhance eyelashes of any length or thickness. One bottle of Latisse will last for about one month, and we offer discounts for those wanting to purchase multiple bottles at a time.

Pharmaceutical-grade skincare

In addition to the in-office treatments we provide, we also offer an advanced skincare regimen from Topix Pharmaceuticals. Products from this line include exfoliators, skin cleansers, sunscreens, eye creams, moisturizers, retinol creams and benzoyl peroxide treatments. This line can help address a number of skin concerns including skin brightness and evenness, dryness, acne and signs of aging.

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At HealthFit our goal is to present our patients with treatment plans that help them achieve results and a better well-being. During our free aesthetic consultations, we review areas of concern or dissatisfaction and find solutions that are right for you. We often offer specials on certain services and product lines to help make treatment more affordable. Contact us today to create your plan.

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