Sports Medicine

HealthFit’s approach to sports medicine

As part of our comprehensive, whole-body approach to care, HealthFit offers sports medicine services to patients of all ages and circumstances. While we commonly treat concerns related to athletic performance, our sports medicine specialist also treats musculoskeletal conditions and ailments that can affect any person, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and overuse injuries.

Our approach to sports medicine is nonsurgical. Instead we use minimally invasive, comprehensive treatment plans such as prescriptive exercise and ultrasound-guided injections, including stem cell, steroid and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, to help patients regain maximum mobility and functionality. In instances where patients do need surgery, we refer out to trusted subspecialty orthopedic surgeons for care.

At the core of our treatment philosophy is a belief in the effectiveness of movement as medicine. We work closely with and often partner our patients with kinesiologists whose expertise lies in how exercise can transform the body. Exercise is a key therapy we prescribe for both patients with acute injuries and those with more chronic (ongoing) concerns.

This method of care allows us to address the true cause of a patient’s injury and resulting pain. Our goal is to make a more active lifestyle attainable and sustainable for every patient, and that means finding treatments that have the potential to cure, not just temporarily relieve, sources of discomfort.

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Meet our sports medicine physician

Dr. Kiyoshi Yamazaki is our dedicated sports medicine physician. He is board certified in both sports medicine and family medicine, which allows him to work with patients of all backgrounds and ages – from pediatric to adult.

Before initiating any treatment plan, he closely examines and listens to his patients so he can truly understand the root of their pain, their goals and their lifestyle. He offers every individual a spectrum of options, including cutting edge and natural therapies that can aggressively yet non-surgically address most areas of concern.

His thoughtful approach to care

Acute & Chronic Musculoskeletal Disorders

The musculoskeletal system keeps the body in motion. At HealthFit Family Medicine we treat a broad array of injuries to the bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles and other connective tissues, so patients can stay in motion and keep doing what they love most.

Injections and Nonsurgical Treatments

HealthFit uses injections & nonsurgical treatments for many injuries and conditions, such as arthritis and various forms of soft tissue damage, because they are the least invasive, effective methods possible.

Injury Treatment, Injury Rehabilitation & Kinesiology

Dr. Yamazaki is expertly trained and equipped to diagnose and heal physical injuries and evaluate and treat concussions. When further rehabilitation is needed, he will generally refer patients to a kinesiologist.

Pre-Participation (Sports Physical) Exams

A sports physical (also known as a pre-participation physical exam) is an exam that all children and young adults participating in organized sports in Colorado must undergo in order to be eligible to play.

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Whether you’re suffering from a sudden injury or have been managing pain and restricted movement for years, we want to help you find a solution that helps you achieve your ideal, active lifestyle. We often have same week sports medicine appointments for new patients available.

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